Targeted Content Marketing

Buyers don’t know what they want until you tell them. More importantly, buyers won’t click that final “Buy Now” button until you convince them – without hitting them over the head – why you’re the best option out there.

Using super sleuth techniques and deep data mining, I uncover the pain points your audience didn’t even know they had. Then, I create a sales funnel fueled by irresistible content that progressively cures each pain point.

My targeted content marketing process involves a combination of:

  • Data mining
  • Building hyperfocused buyer personas
  • Identifying audience jargon and SEO keywords
  • Building a 6- to 12-month content strategy based on your business goals
  • Collaborating with your social media team to laser-focus promotion and engagement
  • Crafting high-value content
  • Revisiting the content strategy to maintain alignment with goals, metrics, and market

Effective content marketing demands finesse, subtlety, and attention to detail. While you’re busy building the best mouse trap the world’s ever seen, I’ll create the seamless, alluring path that leads customers right to your door.

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There’s nothing more valuable than experience. Your years of working in your industry combined with your unique perspective and ideas make your mind a treasure trove.

Rather than hoarding all that gorgeous, glistening knowledge for yourself, let’s give buyers everywhere an opportunity to learn from the best.

From ideation to content creation and marketing your finished product, I transform your years of experience and expertise into a consistent stream of passive income.

My clients have hired me to create:

  • Online courses
  • Webinars
  • Ebooks
  • Print books
  • Automated email sequences

…all in order to promote themselves, create passive income, and stand out as an expert in a niche industry.

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Blog Strategy

Your reputation is only as good as the content you put up on the web. From your social media platforms to your website content and blog posts, your unique personality has to win readers over with every word.

A blog is a direct line to your readers’ hearts. By taking the time to nurture that personal connection, you can catapult your likes, shares, and follows. Then, when it comes time to buy, your readers will only have eyes for you.

I create custom blog strategies that showcase your unique selling proposition while building a following of loyal customers. By combining the power of:

  • High-value content
  • Unified messaging
  • Coordinated social media marketing
  • Expert SEO
  • Goal-oriented content themes

…your blog will be a lead-generating powerhouse.

Ready to watch your sales leads soar? Me too!

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