About Cornell Copywriting

About Cornell Copywriting

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Rai Cornell, Copywriter & Content Strategist

For 10 years I studied psychology and human behavior not knowing I would one day fall in love with marketing. While my younger self envisioned working as a therapist in the California prison system, my interests took a very different path over the years.

Today, I use my meticulous understanding of human emotions, reactions, and thought patterns to drive sales and engagement for top brands.

When you decide to buy a product or service, it’s because you’re convinced that purchase will solve a problem you’re dealing with. In some cases, it doesn’t take much convincing. In most cases, though, buyers go through a series of back-and-forth emotional swings as they debate internally whether or not the price is worth the potential gain. My job is to guide your target audience through every stage of resistance by answering all of their questions and objections before they even recognize them.

The end result is a trusting, comforting relationship with your target audience and a smooth, enjoyable experience for the buyer. The final cherry on top is that you’ll see quantifiable proof in the form of increased sales, revenue, and followers.